Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 98 "Ours is better"

April 24, 2017

"Ours is better."

That’s what a lady said to us at her doorstep yesterday when she found out that our church is not her church. I scanned through preach my gospel this morning but there was nothing listed to combat that in the "witty comebacks" section.

What an awesome time! Elder Burgos is the bomb. He is a super hard worker and he makes me laugh all the time. I'm so glad he got sent to Malta.

One of my favorite lessons this week was with M, a friend of ours in the south area that we taught while still in a trio. He understands everything so well, the Spirit has really opened up his mind and heart. He even wants to translate the Book of Mormon into Maltese!! Well, we are happy for his desire, and hope one day it will be fulfilled.

One cool thing I learned this week was yesterday talking to a man from the Philippines. He hasn't been to church in a while. He is from the same region as my companion but thankfully they decided to speak in English, not their dialect! Anyway, as we taught him I realize that he (but all of us, really) needed to fix himself, not his circumstances, so he could come back to church. In Italian, there is the verb "circondare", to surround. I told our friend that it is a great miracle that our salvation does not depend on the things (or circumstances) that surround us. A loving God has provided a way that our salvation and our happiness are determined by the choices and attitudes that WE have.

Wow, time flies! I can't believe I am over halfway done with my mission!*


Elder Cannon

*My guilty pleasure is saying half-truths like this so people won't
think I'm as near the end of my mission as I actually am.

Anziano Burgos and I

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