Friday, March 24, 2017

Week 93

March 20, 2017
Another one bit the dust yesterday as my companion elder Grizzell couldn't take the heat of working with me (just kidding! he honorably finished 2 years as a missionary and went home to Chicago)! 

I was fasting yesterday which turned out to be quite helpful for being more spiritually in-tune because I was on the spot having to do a lot of stuff. We stayed in the other elders' house the night before (miracle of the day: I have never slept better on couch cushions) so Elder Grizzell could get to the airport in the morning.  The next morning, I spoke in the south branch sacrament meeting. Next, I taught Sunday school in Maltese with the branch president, and then spoke again in the north sacrament meeting.

After church, we went to a couple investigators they have in the south. I was super impressed! One was a family of nine people!!! The kids are all young adults and are very well educated. Teaching in a trio went surprisingly well, and hopefully the Spirit did most of the teaching anyway. Later we saw another family. It was a Maltese man and a Filipino woman. They were really great people. Their faith was incredible, I rarely see anyone who understands the Restoration and accepts it so quickly. But they did! Then they gave us spring rolls and an envelope with 10 euros to help with transportation costs which we had to refuse three times!

In Maltese, the words for "winner" and "spring" are almost the same. I know it sounds weird, but this really touched me when I discovered it. I love springtime because we get to celebrate the biggest win of all time, when Jesus Christ conquered sin and death through His miraculous atonement!


Anzjan Cannon

The Baptism

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