Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 94

March 27, 2017

What a week!

My new companion is Elder Redaelli, from Milano! He is my second companion from outside the states and my first Italian. It's been great to relearn Italian in conversation with him without sacrificing the Maltese I speak with the natives. He is also my first convert companion. His family was baptized when he was nine. He spent some of his life inactive, but now is spiritually strong and mature (literally as well - he is physically strong and almost 24).

This week on the bus we met a member from Brazil! It was the third member we had randomly met who was living on Malta in the past couple weeks. The fact that he hadn't gone to the work of looking up the location of the church on the Internet didn't bode well for him actually coming once we told him.  But I was super surprised because before church on Sunday morning he called and told us "the bus still hasn't come yet...don't worry, I'll call a taxi!" He did and he showed up! We were stoked.

Yesterday was a miracle. I taught Maltese gospel principles on my own.  My companion was S, a Maltese member. O, who was baptized a few weeks ago, basically helped co-teach. We talked about the plan of salvation, and I was really amazed that for the first time in Maltese I really felt the spirit as I spoke. It was so cool. On a side note, I really do love O. My love for him has grown as I am able to communicate with him better and better.

Quote of the week:  "I want to get baptized on Sunday!" From a former friend of ours in Bari that we met at a gesso [street contact] and who we taught once but was NOT ready at the time for the lessons.  He had kept his Libro di Mormon and remembered us.  He called the missionaries up just recently and asked to be baptized. Obviously, his wish was not granted, but he has been preparing himself for that event.

Another cool thing: we got off a bus and met two super cool French kids about our age. Their mom used to take the lessons and they know Mormons really well. So, they invited us to come over! We had an appointment but will visit them this week. As we were talking to them, a couple came up to us and asked "hey Elders, when is sacrament meeting tomorrow?" It was a British couple on vacation. We felt super overwhelmed and happy about all that.

I hope you all prepare for, learn from, and LOVE general conference!


Anzjan Cannon

Unlike my companion Elder Grizzell, Elder Pineau didn't have to leave 
for the airport during sacrament meeting, so I actually got a picture him.  
[Ethan doesn’t like to take pictures unless it is P-day]

[Angel Moroni finally atop the Rome temple!]

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